In 2017, following completion of the Planning and Environmental Linkages Study, the Lincoln/Lancaster County Railroad Transportation Safety District and City of Lincoln decided that prior to any major transportation investments, the subarea should be analyzed more comprehensively so that any transportation changes would align with the future vision of the subarea. To determine this vision, a community-consensus built subarea planning process is now being undertaken. The subarea planning process will analyze the following:

  • land uses;

  • zoning;

  • utilities and infrastructure;

  • transportation routes (transit, rail, bicycles, pedestrians, and automobiles);

  • market-supported economic development opportunities;

  • parks and open space enhancement opportunities;

  • aesthetic, urban design, market, and environmental conditions

 The Subarea Plan addresses the opportunities, constraints, and issues discovered through analysis of the subarea’s existing conditions; incorporates the visions, goals, and guiding principles as determined during the extensive online and in-person public engagement process. The plan sets forth land use and zoning, development and redevelopment, transportation, aesthetics and urban design, and sustainability recommendations for the subarea within Northeast Lincoln.

The Subarea Plan was created in conjunction with a Corridor Enhancement Plan to ensure Cornhusker Highway is both functional and aesthetically pleasing. The Corridor Enhancement Plan illustrates and describes Cornhusker Highway’s preferred streetscape, touching on items such as site furnishings, landscaping, public art, lighting, and building setbacks.

Subarea & Corridor Enhancement Plan Goals

  • Refine and Align Land Use and Zoning - Align land use and zoning regulations to allow for implementation of identified redevelopment and development opportunities

  • Promote Economic Development - Identify key development and redevelopment opportunities for a variety of land uses within the subarea

  • Enhance Cornhusker Highway – Enhance Cornhusker Highway’s streetscape to entice economic development and define the character and quality of the corridor

  • Improve Mobility and Connectivity – Improve multi-modal mobility and connectivity across the rail corridor and throughout Northeast Lincoln for all modes of transportation

  • Build Champions – Identify and build up champions to carry the Subarea Plan and Corridor Enhancement Plan forward into implementation

  • Improve Safety – Eliminate or reduce the conflict points between trains, vehicles, pedestrians, and bicycles