Remaining Alternatives

Currently, there are eight remaining alternatives under examination. See the images below or download the files to view pdfs.

  • No Action (or “do nothing”)

  • Four alternatives currently recommended each have features in common with the main difference being how Adams Street traffic is handled.

    • Alternative 1B

    • Alternative 1D

    • Alternative 1E

    • Alternative Modified PEL C

  • Three alternatives currently not recommended as reasonable based on cost

  • Alternative 12B

  • Alternative 14

  • Alternative 15A

The numbered circles on the alternatives represent an arbitrary numbering system used to identify potentially impacted properties which are described in list form.

Each of the remaining alternatives will be evaluated based on the Tier 2 screening criteria, public and agency input, and environmental impacts, and will be weighed against the transportation needs of the project to select a preferred alternative.

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Open House Meeting Stations

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