7/10/2019 - Project Update

In March 2019, approval of the Subarea Plan was tabled by Lincoln City Council until a transportation alternative is selected. Currently, there are eight transportation alternatives being examined:

  • No Action (or “do nothing”)

  • Four alternatives currently recommended

    • Alternative 1B

    • Alternative 1D

    • Alternative 1E

    • Alternative Modified PEL C

  • Three alternatives currently not recommended as reasonable based on cost

  • Alternative 12B

  • Alternative 14

  • Alternative 15A

Since March, the project team has been gathering additional information about the alternatives and preparing for the public meeting that was held Thursday, June 27, 2019. The purpose of the public meeting was to gather public and agency input on the project’s purpose and need, and remaining alternatives. The information presented at the public meeting is available here. The public comment period is open until Friday, July 12.

The project team will use the public and agency input, known environmental impacts, and transportation needs of the project to select a transportation alternative(s) to move into the next phase of the project which includes more detailed environmental examination. The class of environmental document is scheduled to be determined by the fall of 2019. The selection of one or more transportation alternatives to study further will depend on the class of environmental document that will be required. The goal is to determine the preferred transportation alternative as soon as practical. An additional public meeting would be held to share the preferred alternative(s), currently anticipated to be winter 2019/2020.

Once the preferred transportation alternative(s) is known, the Subarea Plan would be amended if necessary to include the preferred transportation alternative and would move forward through the approval process.